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Savanah’Animal Health is here for you​

Composed of 3 independent and complementary consultants dedicated to animal health, Savan’AH supports you through advice, training, coordination and implementation.

Innovation: product development and packaging

Strategic Marketing & Business Development: assessment of potential, search for licensing or co-marketing partners

Operational marketing: scientific communication,group of experts selection and animation, preparation of product launches,  conception and animation of promotional campaigns, coordination of launches with internal and external resources, digital marketing, training for product managers and market managers

Distribution: central referencing, legal support and commercial policy

Commercial: supervision, recruitment and constitution of operational teams, auxiliary sales force, telemarketing, veterinary representatives and regional directors training

A collective state of mind
for long-term partners
with agility and flexibly
Charles Borde

Innovation and Marketing Consultant

25 years of experience in animal health in technical, commercial, marketing, managerial and innovation positions at French, European and North-American perimeters

Pets, ruminants and pigs

Education: Biology, Business school, PSS sales, Certified coach-consultant, NVC nonviolent / conscious communication

Appreciated for being creative, optimistic and enthusiastic

Sophie Fasola

Marketing consultant and trainer

10 years of experience in human and animal health in various technical, marketing and managerial functions in France and Europe

Pets: vaccines, pet food, antiparasitics, antibiotics, etc.

Education: Engineer in biotechnology and pharmacology, ESSEC Business school Master 2 l, Certified Coach-consultant, NVC nonviolent / conscious 

Appreciated for its listening,and its capacity for analysis synthesis and recommendations

Laurent Belliard

Distribution and business development consultant

21 years of experience in animal health business in commercial, sales administration and managerial functions in connection with sales teams and the entire supply chain, purchasing centers and EIGs

Pets and Food Producing Animals

Education: Distribution and Marketing, Key-Account Management, Commercial Law

Appreciated for his human qualities, his pragmatism and his clarity

Experienced and immediately operational

Committed and adaptable: contributors or leaders according to expectations

Empathetic: able to collaborate and supervise all profiles

Face-to-face and remote

Ethical and transparent, paid in real time

Hakuna Matata, you are in the right place !
* « No worries » in swahili

The Giraffe represents benevolence and height of sight, it is known for its aptitudes to cooperate in the savannah, especially with Zebras and Elephants. It is also the symbol of NVC or conscious communication.

As needed, Savan’AH coordinates the activities of other providers: com agencies, graphic designers, web designers, digital marketing, printers, consultants, coaches, trainers, translators, salespeople, KOL, experts, statisticians, etc.

  • Strategic recommendations, ideation, assessments of potential FR / EU / WW
  • Projects R & D-Marketing-Regulatory specifications and Target Product Profile
  • Support and arbitration during the development and registration of Marketing Authorization
  • Concept tests, qualitative market research
  • Coordination of qualitative, quantitative and pricing studies
  • Market share and margin assessment
  • Recommendations for distribution and commercial partnerships, licensing, co-marketing, co-distribution, geographic extension
  • Search for partners
  • Preparation and coordination of product launches and print and digital activation campaigns
  • Scientific communication, animation of expert groups, preparation of launches, design and animation of campaigns, launches coordination with internal and external resources, digital marketing
  • Product listing in central purchasing offices
  • Legal support and commercial policy
  • Supervision, recruitment and constitution of operational teams or additional sales teams
  • Sales force training
  • Telesales
  • Preparation of Buying groups and Corporates meetings
  • Discovery of animal health markets: pets and / or production animals
  • Training in marketing professions: product manager, market manager, marketing director
  • Training in sales jobs: veterinary delegate, regional director, sales director, sales director
  • Individual support or occasional support: taking up a position, management, reinforcement
  • Support for teams or management: strengthening cohesion and internal and external cooperation, implementation of processes, anticipation, continuous improvement, change management
Business expertise
Dairy and lactating ruminants, Pigs
Small animals
  • Segments: Vaccines, Injectable antibiotics, oral and intramammary, Teat fillers, Endo, ecto and endectocidal antiparasitics, Anti-inflammatories, Reproduction, Metabolism minerals oligo and vitamins
  • Channels: veterinarians, cooperatives and groups
  • Segments: Vaccines, Antiparasitics, Electronic Identification, Dental, Endocrinology, Contraception, Antibiotics, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Diagnosis
  • All product categories: drugs with MA, products without MA: nutraceuticals and petfood, analysers
  • Channels: veterinarians and e-commerce


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