Head out of the foliage

Cooperate with external resources
Savanah’Animal Health is here for you

Help, support, advise, coordinate and implement.
The current context and teleworking require new solutions.
Stable and closed structures evolve into open, agile and learning organizations.


The rationale of Savan’AH is to help you get your head out of the foliage and imagine solutions to strengthen your projects, give meaning, establish a strategy, list the actions and plan them, trigger, monitor and validate the implementation, measure the effects obtained and the return on investment, take stock and experience feedback and foresee the next project

Charles Borde

Consultant & Coach, founder of Savan’AH and Mind Éclosion
25 years of experience in animal health
Previously Marketing Director of a veterinary pharmaceutical company
Companion & Food Producing Animals, Pharma & Vaccines, Nutraceutical & Petfood

  • Fluent English
  • Biology
  • Business school
  • Certified Coach-Consultant
  • Specialized in supporting managers and their teams
  • Motivating, optimistic
  • Enthusiastic, friendly
  • Creative, convincing
  • Enduring

Performance and well-being come naturally with:

  • a collective state of mind
  • a meaningful cause
  • a functional organization

Experienced: immediately operational

Committed and adaptable: contributor or leader according to needs

Empathetic: able to collaborate and supervise all profiles

Exterior: independent view of people and systems

Face-to-face and remote workforce: limited costs

Ethics: EMCC code of ethics

Enduring: ready to take on medium / long term challenges

Marketing & business

Innovation: ideas’ generation, project valuation, R & D-Marketing-Regulatory specifications PDS

Strategic projects: search for distributors, licensing, co-marketing, co-distribution, geographic extension

Product launch and activation : print and digital campaigns


Marketing professions:

Product manager

line manager


strategic marketing

marketing innovation

Animal health markets:

rural & pets


Individuals: coaching, taking up a position, management, adaptation to change, assertiveness

Teams: strengthening cohesion and cooperation,
work processes, continuous improvement, change management, transition management

Business expertise
  • Dairy & Beef
    • Segments: Vaccines, Injectable antibiotics, oral and intramammary, Teat sealants, Endos, ectos and mectins, Anti-inflammatories, Reproduction, Metabolism minerals oligo and vitamins
    • Packaging innovation
    • Channels: veterinarians, cooperatives
  • Pets
    • Preventive medicine segments: Petfood, Vaccines, Antiparasitics, Electronic identification, Dental, Contraception
    • Therapeutic medicine segments: Antibiotics, Dermatology, diagnostics and analyzers, nutraceuticals
    • Circuits: veterinarians and e-commerce

Hakuna Matata, you are in the right place !
* « No worries » in swahili

Prices on request

  • A daily rate
  • A price with commitment (quantitative discount)
  • Option: “Anticipated budget” to be valid for 2 years

Advantages for the customer, king of the savannah:

  • Serenity: maximum transparency
  • Ease: single point of contact, one contract, one quote
  • Cooperation: coordination missions

The Giraffe represents benevolence and height of sight, it is known for its aptitudes to cooperate in the savannah, especially with Zebras and Elephants. It is also the symbol of NVC or conscious communication.

As needed, Savan’AH coordinates the activities of other providers: com agencies, graphic designers, web designers, digital marketing, printers, consultants, coaches, trainers, translators, salespeople, KOL, experts, statisticians, etc.


Agility, adaptability

Simplicity, efficiency

Involvement and strength of proposal


Serious without too much

Listening and empathy

Understanding and perseverance


All different and complementary